Go wonder: An expression of amusement over apparently unexpected but predictable result (Wikitionary).

A ‘Go Wonderful’ meeting: Minds and hands on!

Our vision

Our world goes through a rapid process of digital transformation. In this process we often find that screens are the preferred agent to convey content. Don’t get us wrong here: We do love technology! But we struggle with the flatness of screens. They often lack the magic we strive for in our applications.

So we push ourselves to create digital experiences that are as connected and interactive as screen based technology but are also magical, social and tactile. Technology to cuddle, sense, pet and befriend. Go Wonder!

Our mission

To marvel and surprise people. Actually, that’s all we want.

So together with various organizations we search for wondrous technical solutions that add that magical and tactile touch to education or entertainment.

Give us a call if you want to find out how we can help you discover and build what you need!


Eric Jan Krupe – founder
Hanne Marckmann – founder
Bart van Berg – director, partner
Klaas van Rijn – R&D, soft- en hardware, partner
Jochem van Kranenburg – soft- & hardware
Stan van Nieuwamerongen – soft- & hardware

Besides this team Go Wonder has a broad network of experts to add magic to projects, varying from hardware engineers and software developers to needlewomen, audio experts and graphic designers. We love bringing together the right team of talented professionals!

Recording audio for one of the Tellmies

Last but not least…

We treat both people and our planet with the respect they deserve and make sure we don’t delete some of the magic we want to add by making the stuff we make. So we choose our materials carefully, locally if possible, and use responsible production methods. Moreover, you can sell our products back to us if you don’t need them anymore. We make sure firmware and furware get a second life in our other products or donate it to charity.

Eric Jan updates the Tellmie-cats with the latest version of our software @Batavialand.