De Wowbot is a character (represented by a photo or video) with a ‘magic table’ that responds with light and sound to what is put on it.

De Wowbot stimulates playful discovery and learning through handling objects. It’s a platform that allows all sorts of play with existing or produced objects.

Wow: Fun and educational

With the Wowbot Vet and a pile of toys, you can learn about animals, their health and habits. Put an animal on her treatment table and she will tell you what’s wrong with it, how to make it better and about its favorite food. You can even combine animals to see if they get along. Or combine an animal with food to see if there is a match.

But cooking is also possible with the Wowbot Cook or Kitchen Maid! She will challenge you to put the right ingredients in her cooking pot (but feel free to add some fantasy). The table can be built into a kitchen dresser and the light will imitate a crackling wood fire.

And how about researching ancient shards with the Wowbot Archaeologist? Or discovering the most exciting books with a Wowbot Librarian?

In short: Endless playful possibilities! As long as there are objects and a character that challenges you to take action.

Wowbot Dierendokter
The Wowbot Veterinarian asks you to put animals on her treatment table and she will tell you what’s wrong with them.

Build it!

The Wowbot also offers opportunities to guide the construction of trains, boats or buildings on the table, explaining what you’re doing right and what you can do better.

The building blocks can be made of wood, epoxy or 3D printed plastic and can be designed by us or a third party if desired.

Bot: this is the technology inside

The Wowbot ‘knows’ what’s on the table through our custom made technology inside the table.

Our approach is similar to the technology for our Tellmies, using the same technological basis for all Wowbots that is constantly improved and tested, but customizing its behaviour for each different character.

Build a ship with guidance of the Wowbot. This set was made bu New Classic Toys.

Wowbot Waste Wizard at Geofort

Curious? Invite us for an (online) demonstration!

The Wowbot Explorer as it was used in Batavialand.
What is your answer? A boot, a hat or an animal? Place it on the Wowbot or combine objects.