Any soft toy – or other object – can transform into a Tellmie with our vandal resistant custom made technology. It turns into an interactive audio guide for families, school groups and/or visually impaired visitors, that guides them, asks questions and responds to their answers by using various sensors.

Tellmies work with custom made electronics and determine their position using beacons. They offer small groups of visitors a shared audio experience through build in speakers instead of earphones.

With sensors in their back, head, tail and/or paws they allow people to interact with them. All technology is invisible on the outside. This makes the Tellmies feel magical, fun and – especially for children – truly ‘alive’.

This report by Rijnmond TV explains what Tellmies are in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen (in Dutch, add automatic translation in youtube).
Tellmies Pim and Pom at the Rijksmuseum

For a more interesting, educational and fun museum visit

Different types of educational institutions, like museums and zoos, are using Tellmies and visitors are enthusiastic about these tours. They report it makes their visit more interesting, more educational and surely more fun! Also, museum employees notice that families with Tellmies pay better attention to the collection than families without Tellmies.

For individual visitors or groups

Tellmies can be used as a guides that points the way throughout the museum and enriches collections with details, fun facts or more background information. But they can also function as a set of ‘extra hands’ to help out with school groups. With a Tellmie on their arm, mentors from outside the museum, become instant experts about a subject once the Tellmie starts transmitting all sorts of information.

We have developed Tellmies for various art and heritage museums throughout the Netherlands.

Not all Tellmies are furry! Here we use 3D printed objects.
Tellmie Kraak the talking octopus guides school groups at the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam.
Tellmies Logo
This is the Tellmie ‘Spullevear’ for the regional museum in Tiel. The fanciful furware was created by Go Wonder with second hand textlies.
At Batavialand 30 ship cats guide families through the museum, indoors and outdoors!
This naugthy seagull guides toddlers at the Zuiderzee Museum.