Choose an everyday object as an audio guide and relive its owner’s memories as the surrounding interior comes to life.

(banner photo: Nederlands Openluchtmuseum)

A breadboard appearing on the table, an illuminating mirror image, a typewriter starting to type, the penetrating sound of planes flying overhead….

As you listen to the personal memories coming from the object, the story breathes life into the furniture around you as evidence of the events, perfectly timed with the audio narration.

The result is a surprising experience that continues to captivate young and old alike.

See how the shopping bag makes the study come alive (original audio in Dutch).
How it works

You choose your own appealing object in the hallway of the cottage. These six objects – the Memory Objects – tell memories of a former resident from the cottage. 

The audio from the object first explains to you how the tour works. Then you go out on your own with a group of two or three visitors. Together you listen to one Memory Object. 

Shared audio, creating a shared experience.

Choose your Memory Object in the hallway of the house

The hat activates, among other things, the reflection of a resident in the bedroom.
The audio stories

In each room, the owner of the Memory Object tells his or her experiences from the inauspicious time just before World War II. 

You’ll hear how exciting it was for father to carry secret documents in his briefcase. How mother also bought food for refugees with her shopping bag. Or how son Frits sought comfort from his teddy bear when he was scared.

As you listen, fragments of the memories around you come to life in shadows on the wall. Highlighted photographs, typewriters starting to type, reflections in mirrors, illuminated newspaper reports or you hear ambient sounds from the past.

Once you pick up the Memory Object, it explains how it works (original audio in Dutch).

Been through all the rooms? Then the Memory Object tells you how the story ends for the owner of the object. 

You put or hang the Memory Object back in the hallway. Then you can go to another house in the museum or choose a new Memory Object and do the tour with someone else’s memories.

Choose your route

In each room the experience lasts one to two minutes, then you move on to another room. In total, the tour takes about 10-15 minutes.

The tour in not linear. Visitors choose where they go with their Memory Object. This prevents visitors from having to wait on each other until the one in front of them is ready.


All Memory Objects contain hardware designed and manufactured by us and proven by frequent use in our Tellmies: a speaker, a mini computer including motion sensor, audio player and Bluetooth.

The Reminder Things start their story when the visitor holds them near the iconic oil lamps in the room – the Memory Point. 

They also “know” if another Memory Object is already in that room: if so, they notify you that the room is occupied and that you can come back later.

They communicate with a Central Device, also made in our lab. This Central Device sends signals in sync with the story to a show control system, which then triggers the appropriate beamers, spotlights and video players with (hidden) screens or speakers.

A strong example of teamwork

Together with XPEX Experience Experts, we conceived and produced this unique experience. The audio and video is by Studio Roodenburch, the hardware was provided by Phanta Vision, all the awesome furniture was found by Leo Zandvliet. Content-wise, of course, everything was completely researched by the team at the Nederlands Openluchtmuseum.

The children’s room with the Memory Point on the chair to the left.
During the tour, see different views through the window that support your story.

I find it very impressive. Especially the combination with the knowledge that this story actually took place in the cottage. The object, in my case the bear, enhances this feeling a lot. It even moved me a bit.” 

~ Quote from a visitor about the tour

The kitchen of the cottage.
In the kitchen, dishes appear on the table to match the audio story you are listening to.
The facts
  • An authentically decorated cottage.
  • Six different Memory Objects: smart audio guides that explain how they work.
  • Shared/open audio: a shared experience.
  • Six unique audio stories full of personal memories voiced by professional voices.
  • Effects timed with the audio story create an immersive experience.
  • Lots of different projections, ambient sounds, spotlights and other special effects controlled by the Reminders via show control.

The cottage seen from the outside (under construction).