The Tax & Customs Museum in Rotterdam is using Doerak the Customs Dog as a character to introduce young children to the work of the tax authorities and -especially- customs. They already had several educational stories starring Doerak and a big stuffed version of him on the ‘DouneDoeDek’. Now, our Tellmie Doerak also leads families with children around the permanent collection in an interactive way.

Doerak is happy that finally someone understands his barking! He takes families on a snooping tour in search of forbidden items. Along the way he tells with a good dose of dog humour about the work of customs, past and present.

Listen to a snippet of Doerak here

Several tests show that the children remember much of what he tells them along the way. They also work well with other family members to complete counting tasks. 

Doerak’s furware was specially made by Ine Keitz from illustrations of Doerak provided by the museum. The model is optimized for the hardware inside the dog and has a removable and washable carrying sleeve. Pretty handy with a white coat….

Browsing the collection together in showcases.
Doerak Tellmie
Of course: you can also hop around with Doerak!

How it works

Families get Doerak at the museum’s front desk. Doerak first tells the front desk staff if his battery is sufficiently charged. Then the family starts up Doerak by squeezing his tail. He explains them how the tour works. On a flyer, the families see where Doerak has an assignment for them in the museum. Then the family goes off on their own with Doerak. Children can take turns carrying Doerak on their arm.

The facts

  • Five interaction points on two floors plus a starting and ending point with text at the front desk.
  • Two custom-made Doeraks.
  • Children pet Doerak to complete counting tasks, Doerak counts aloud!
  • Tour duration: 55 minutes on average.
  • Doerak talks about several objects from the permanent collection.
  • Includes an easter egg: if you “accidentally” pinch Doerak’s tail, he lets out a big dog fart!
  • Doerak is rated an average of 8.5

Two Doeraks, ready for the dog tour!
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