Did you come to Geofortby car, bike, rocket or public transport? Tellmie Walvi asks you anything and everything in this audio tour. Together with her you can discover how climate-conscious you and your family live. Everything is done with the necessary dose of humour and without raising a fin.
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Tellmie Walvi

Whales help remove CO2 from our atmosphere. They don’t have to do much, just eat and poo a little. Phytoplankton live off whale poop and slurp up CO2 from the air. Super cool!

That makes Walvi the ideal er … whale to investigate with you in Geofort how climate-conscious your behavior is.

You visit various indoor and outdoor exhibits and answer quiz questions. At the end of the tour she gives you a personal ‘CO2 score’.


Walvi is made from recycled materials by RoadsMaakt. As a result, all Walvi’s are also slightly different.

RoadsMaakt believes in a social society where no one is excluded. They also believe in recycling. So they sell unique products with a social story, handmade by people with a distance to the labour market from second-hand materials. So much goodness in one product, you can feel it!


Because Geofort is a real hands-on museum, Walvi has a handy bag shape so you can keep your hands free.

By popular demand, we are also currently working with Roads on a techless handbag in the shape of a Walvi. For in the museum shop and Roads’ webshop. Want one too? Keep an eye on our social media!

Testing with the target group
Listen to Walvi!

Watch the interaction of scrolling and shaking Walvi in this multi language demo (Geofort does not yet offer multilingualism at the moment).
Walvi has a convenient bag shape!

Interaction: scrolling and shaking

Walvi is for families with children ages 8 -12. Therefore, we also made the interaction a little more “adult” compared to previous Tellmies, such as the one in the Rijksmuseum.

To activate Walvi, you have to gently shake her awake. Furthermore, you can “scroll” across her back through all the answer options to her questions. Then you shake again to choose an answer.

We tested this new form of interaction first, as we thought it would be quite complicated to ‘scroll’ over a whale’s back. But no way … it was very cool to see that all the children immediately understood what was meant by that!

Conclusion: scrolling = petting for adults (think about that the next time you scroll through insta).

The facts
  • 12 Walvi Tellmies
  • 15 stops where you get a question
  • ‘Scroll’ across Walvi’s back through all possible answers, shake to choose an answer
  • At the end of the tour a ‘score’ on your own behaviour
  • Made from recycled materials in collaboration with the social enterprise RoadsMaakt
  • In bag form: you have your hands free. Handy!
  • For families with children 8 -12 years
Audio recording at the studio
De closet where you can get your Walvi
The end of the tour is marked by an orange whale
An ’empty’ Walvi at RoadsMaakt
Recording at Studio Roodenburch
Putting up beacons in Geofort