If you pick up a Flirt Flea at the reception, you’ll notice immediately: it loves to cuddle! Together you can explore the exhibition ‘Aahhh…’.

Are you coming?

Tickles in your tummy!

The Flirt Flea Tellmies like to lead you around the exhibition, but along the way they are always bothered by incredibly irritating tingling. On their backs, their feelers, their legs…. It drives them crazy!

There are several brushes where you can fix the itch with some scratching. The Flirt Flea is very happy about that.

During the tour, you discover together that no matter how many brushes you try, this particular one itch still keeps coming back. 

Because. it’s tummy tickles! The Flirt Flea is in love.

Once you’ve discovered that, at the end of the tour you get to bring the Flirt Flea in love together with another Flirt Flea.

All’s well that ends well.

The Flirt Flea has an itch itch itch itch! Will you help scratch it? (Dutch audio)
Petting is fun! (Dutch audio)


The name Flirt Flea is mostly a nod to the parents, who know what flirting means. The children experience a warm, happy (non-binary) character who is very happy that you want to help with those troublesome itches.

The tour uses the information, objects and activities in the exhibit about your body, love, sexuality, gender and consent. 

Everything is treated with respect and humour, and there is plenty of room for your own discovery (or not, if you don’t want to). And – very important – you can also have a dance along the way!

Above all, the tour encourages an open mutual conversation about what you yourself think and experience in this area. 


The FlikVlooi tour was created in fine and close cooperation with the National Museum of Education, Het Imaginarium, Kelvin Wormgoor (voice acting) and Studio Roodenburch.

Two children discover the exhibition with a Flirt Flea.
Aahhh….! Just a little dance together!
Yes, you found the cause of the jitters! That’s this delightful other Flirt Flea. Let them chat there and flick together 😉
The Flirt Flea is curious who all are in your family. Set them up for a moment?    

De feiten

  • Two Tellmie Flirt Fleas available at the reception desk for a small price.
  • For families with children who can’t read yet (or already can, but just like the Flirt Flea).
  • Seven stops with a (scratch) mission.
  • Custom made, colorful, conveniently portable furware (designed by us and made by Van Slobbe).
Luister naar een stukje FlikVlooi