A stray mouse in the Rijksmuseum full of precious artworks… that’s asking for trouble. So in this cuddly audio tour, Pim and Pom must join you in chasing the escaped mouse back to the painting where it lives.

(Banner photo: Bibi Veth)

On a mouse hunt!

Together with the two famous cats Pim and Pom, you’ll travel past ten even more famous works of art in the Rijksmuseum. Rembrandt, The Swan, the model of line ship William Rex … you will encounter them all!

Along the way you get help from all sorts of animals on and in the works of art that have seen the mouse run by.

In this tour, Pim and Pom not only talk to the families who go out with them, but also interact with each other, which makes the tour extra special. 

Mimic the swan to chase the mouse back into the painting!
See the mouse? It’s back in the painting (next to the vase).
Pim & Pom: well known from books and TV!

Pim and Pom are based on the characters of Fiep Westendorp. There is already a super cute website with Pim and Pom, a booklet of Pim and Pom in the Rijksmuseum, and they are well known from TV, but now they can also be experienced as a ‘cuddly audio tour’. 

We love Fiep! So we are very proud that these characters now also exist as Tellmie.

Pim is an enthusiastic cat who can make delightfully inappropriate ‘children’s comments’. Pom is the ‘sensible’ cat, reacting to events like a responsible adult.

This combination makes for hilarious and engaging dialogue in the tour, which children listen to breathlessly. The voices of Pim and Pom in this tour are narrated by Georgina Verbaan.

“She was very eager to start over right away when the tour ended 🙂 Next time we’ll bring her sister along too because she was really jealous. At home she still had lots of stories about what an animal had said, and assignments she had done. All in all, a positive museum experience!” – Visitor about the tour
Yes, you can also wear Pim and Pom both at the same time for a while! (Photo: Bibi Veth)
“My 4-year-old daughter thought it was magical, she wanted another one right away after we chased the mouse back into the painting. And we loved it too. The puppets worked so well and the other visitors enjoyed it too. It was a very busy day, but we had almost no trouble with that with the route of this tour. I now recommend the tour to everyone! It was a fantastic museum experience.” – Visitor about the tour

The tour at the Rijksmuseum started with a pilot using two sets of Pim and Pom. Since Pim and Pom not only talk to the visitors but also to each other, a new interaction design and an expansion of our Tellmie technology were required. And we thoroughly test new things first.

After the successful and insightful pilot, we expanded the tour so that a total of ten sets of Pim and Pom can go out with visitors in the museum.  


Pim and Pom’s furware was copied from an existing, much smaller model and adapted by Ine Keitz. Quite a fiddle with all of Pim’s cute little spots! 

The fabric, wearing method and size were determined in consultation with museum. All the technology is invisible and safely stored inside, so the cats can be cuddled and carried around by the children (and parents) in the museum without anything breaking.

Ons testpanel van iets oudere kinderen vond de tour ook heel grappig!
Samen op pad met Pim en Pom! (Foto: Bibi Veth)
Of course, the Night Watch cannot be missing from the tour!
The Facts
  • A cuddly audio tour featuring two Tellmies, Pim and Pom, who not only talk to the visitor, but also to each other.
  • You pet Pim to answer questions Pim and Pom ask you.
  • Ten interaction points on two floors in the museum.
  • An “escaped” mouse that must be chased back into the painting.
  • Based on the characters of Fiep Westerdorp.
  • With furware based on existing Pim and Pom soft toys, where all the tech is hidden away invisibly.
  • Made in co-creation with the museum’s education department.
  • And voices by actress Georgina Verbaan.
Pim says something important! 
Running down the hall with Pim and Pom.
tekening Pim en Pom
Fan mail for Pim!
Testing in the Rijksmuseum.
Pim en Pom in het Rijksmuseum
The book Pim and Pom in the Rijksmuseum.
Empty Pim and Pom