Um…should that kiwi with a plastic sticker go in the green bin or not? And does paper with staples belong in a paper bin? In this game you will discover – hands on and with feedback from the each bin – what belongs where.

What is a Wowbot?

A Wowbot is a smart platform that knows what you put on it and responds to your actions with light and sound. This makes all kinds of play with objects possible.

Waste Wizard

At Geofort, we developed a game where you discover for yourself how to separate all your waste. Because Geofort likes to help their visitors on their way to a cleaner planet for all of us!

It works like a collecting game. Around the bin on the platform, you collect the trash that belongs in that bin. The (voice acted) character lets you know if it’s good. Light effects support the feedback.

Where do you put the apple?
The Wowbot, all the objects and the cut-out of the wheelie bins got a nice area at Geofort.


Fortunately, the objects are not really dirty to touch… They have been cast by Geofort in a protecting layer of epoxy or are contained in a convenient Plexiglas tube.

Each bin fits four pieces of trash: paper with staples, drinking cartons, an empty aerosol can, a package of paper with a plastic window… pfffff. Pretty tricky what belongs where!

The wheelie bins are mini versions of the real ones.

See how the game works (starring our Jochem!)

Bins with character

The green bin is a bit of a pervert and likes smelly, rotting, mouldy things. The PMD bin, on the other hand, is particularly well-ordered: don’t mess with her! And the bin for toxic, chemical substances is a real daredevil!

Jorien Zeevaart gave all the character bins an appropriate voice. This makes the game extra fun!

Four wheelie bins in a row!
What belongs in the paper bin?
A walk-through of the game with the green bin.
The Waste Wizard setup at Geofort.
Drinking carton … is that paper (no!)?
Red … not good, unfortunately.
Hello there, cozy bins!
go wonder wowbot

The facts

  • Five wheelie bins, 20 pieces of waste
  • Feedback from the platform in light and sound
  • Rugged and robust housing
  • Volume adjustable with included app